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Massachusetts Laws by Popular Name S-Z

This index is designed to help you find laws by their common names. The topics are linked to selected General Laws, agency regulations, cases, and other specialized information. For more thorough coverage, try searching the full-text of the Mass. General Laws.


Popular Name Index S
Subject Citations
Safe driver insurance plan
Safe harbors (liability of limited partners) MGL c.109, s.19
Safe haven law See: Baby Safe Haven Law
"Sandy's law" (criminal harassment) MGL c.265, s.43A
Sanitary Code, adoption MGL c.111, s.127A-127O
-Sanitary Code, Ch.II, Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation 105 CMR 410
"Saving statute" (limitations of actions) MGL c. 260 s. 32
"Scalping" (resale of tickets) See: Law About Ticket Scalping
School attendance MGL c.76
School choice law MGL c.76, s.12-12C
Sean's Law (minimum age to ride ATV is 14) MGL c.90B, s.26
Seat belt laws
"Section 12" & "Section 16" commitment (mental health laws) MGL c.123
Security deposit
Seizure of bank accounts MGL c.246, s.28A
Septic systems (Title 5) See: Law About Title 5
Sex Offenders and Sex Offender Registry See: Law About Sex Offenders
Silver Alert MGL c.6A, s.18L
Simultaneous death law
"Slamming" (unauthorized switching of service providers)
SLAPP suits ("strategic lawsuits against public participation") See: Law About Anti-SLAPP
"Slayer Statute" MGL c.265, s.46
"Slow Down, Move Over" Law MGL c.89, s.7C
Small necessities leave See: Law About Employment Leave: Small Necessities
Smoke-Free workplace MGL c.270, s.22
Smoking bar permit 830 CMR 270.1.1
Snob zoning law
Social host--providing alcohol to minors MGL c.138, s.34
"Son of Sam" law (profits from crimes, struck down in Mass.) Opinion of the Justices to the Senate, 436 Mass. 1201 (2002)
Special education law ("Chapter 766") See: Law About Special Education
Speedy trial MGL c.212, s.24
-Case management Mass. Rules Crim. Proc., R.36
-Contempt cases MGL c.220, s.13A
-Speedy trial for certain cases MGL c.231, s.59A - 59G
Spite fence MGL c.49, s.21
Squatters' rights (adverse possession) MGL c.260, s.21-31
Stalking law MGL c.265, s.43
State Building Code
State Sanitary Code, adoption MGL c.111, s.127A-127O
-Sanitary Code, Ch.II, Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation 105 CMR 410
Statute of frauds MGL c.259
Statute of limitations -Civil MGL c.260
Statute of limitations-Criminal MGL c.277, s.63, 64
Statute of limitations-Probate MGL c.190B, s.3-802, 3-803, 3-804
"Statutory rape" (rape of child) MGL c.265, s.23-23B
-Rape of child (use of force) MGL c.265, s.22A-22C
-Inducing person under 18 to have intercourse MGL c.272, s.4
Stem Cell Research See: Law About Stem Cell Research
"Stop and frisk" MGL c.41, s.98
Storage facilities, Self-service MGL c.105A
Subdivision control MGL c.41, s.81K - 81GG
Sunday laws ("blue laws") Mass. Blue Laws


Popular Name Index T
Subject Citations
"Tagging" law (graffiti) MGL c.266, s.126A-126B
Tape recording private conversations (eavesdropping/wiretapping) MGL c.272, s.99
Tasers MGL c.140, s.131J
Teachers' equal pay MGL c.71, s.40
Telemarketing solicitation ("Do Not Call") See: Law About Telemarketing
Term papers, Selling MGL c.271, s.50
Three day wait for marriage MGL c.207, s.19
Time share laws MGL c.183B
Title 5 (septic systems) See: Law About Title 5
Tort claims against state and local government MGL c.258
-Settlements and judgments 815 CMR 5
Towing MGL c.40, s.22D
-Maximum charges for towing & storage MGL c.159B, s.6B
-Rates for towing motor vehicles 220 CMR 272
-Removal of vehicles from private property MGL c.266, s.120D
Trade Secrets, Stealing
Traffic Signals
Trespass MGL c.266, s.120
Truth in lending (Mass. only) MGL c.140D, s.1-35
-Disclosure of consumer credit costs & terms 209 CMR 32
-Licensing of mortgage lenders & brokers 209 CMR 42
-Unfair & deceptive practices in consumer transactions 209 CMR 40
Truth in savings law MGL c.140E
-Compliance with federal law & regulation 209 CMR 4


Popular Name Index U
Subject Citations
Unemployment compensation See: Law About Unemployment
Unfair competition (Mass. Antitrust Act) MGL c.93
Unfair & deceptive practices in consumer transactions 209 CMR 40
Unfair debt collection See: Law About Debt Collection
Unfair Sales Act MGL c.93, s.14E-14K
Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act MGL c.190B, Art. 5A, as added by St.2014, c.225
Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act MGL c.209B
Uniform Commercial Code MGL c.106
-Practice & procedure relative to revised Art. 9 of UCC 950 CMR 140
Uniform Durable Power of Attorney MGL c.190B, Art. V, Pt. 5
Uniform Electronic Transactions Act MGL c.110G
Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act MGL c.109A
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act MGL c.209D
Uniform Probate Code MGL c.190B
Uniform State Plumbing Code 248 CMR 10
Uniform Transfers to Minors (gifts to minors) MGL c.201A
Upskirting MGL c.272, s.105, as amended by St.2014, c.43
Used & new car lemon laws MGL c.90, s.7N 1/4 & 7N 1/2
-Lemon aid law (voiding sale contracts) MGL c.90, s.7N
-Motor vehicle arbitration 201 CMR 11
-Motor vehicle sales & repair shop regulations 940 CMR 5
-Private party sales Office of Consumer Affairs


Popular Name Index V
Subject Citations
Veterans' preference in civil service
Veterans' preference in public employment MGL c.41, s.112
-Regulations Personnel Administration Rules
Victims and witnesses rights and compensation See: Law About Victims and Witnesses
Video voyeurism MGL c.272, s.104 NOTE: Scroll past the animal cruelty portion to get to this law!


Popular Name Index W
Subject Citations
Wages See: Law About Wages
Wages, Garnishment MGL c.246, s.28-28A
Wages, Minimum See: Law About Minimum Wage
Weekly wage payment MGL c.149, s.148-159C
Weingarten rights NLRB v. Weingarten, 420 US 251 (1975)
"Welcome Home" law (tuition and benefits for vets) St.2005, c.130
Wetlands protection MGL c.131, s.40 & 40A
-Densely developed areas 301 CMR 10
-Improvement of lowands and swamps MGL c.252
-Wetlands regulations 310 CMR 10
-Wildlife habitat 310 CMR 10 Appendix
Wheelchair lemon law MGL c.93, s.107
Whistleblowers' law
-Patient & resident abuse prevention,
105 CMR 155
-Reporting abuse of patients in long term care facilities MGL c.111, s.72G
Wine re-corking
Wiretapping/Eavesdropping (including tape recording private conversations) MGL c.272, s.99
Workers' compensation See: Law About Workers' Compensation


Popular Name Index Y
Subject Citations
Yolanda's Law (Children's mental health) St.2008, c.321


Popular Name Index Z
Subject Citations
Zoning See: Law About Zoning