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Massachusetts Law About Workers' Compensation

Massachusetts Laws

MGL c.152 Workers' Compensation

Massachusetts Regulations

Selected Case Law

Sikorski's Case, 455 Mass. 477 (2009). "A teacher who was injured in a skiing accident while serving as a chaperone for a school ski club trip [was entitled to workers' compensation] where the employee's injury arose out of and in the course of her employment, in that, even though her participation as a chaperone was voluntary, the activities involved constituted work connected to her employment; and where the injury did not fall within the statutory exclusion for injuries resulting from voluntary participation in a recreational activity, in that the employee's responsibilities as a chaperone, though voluntarily undertaken, were an extension of her employment duties as a teacher."

Wentworth v. Becker, 459 Mass. 768 (2011). A worker injured by a subcontractor without workers' compensation insurance can collect workers' compensation from the general contractor, and that payment by the general contractor does not bar the employee from also suing the general contractor.


Department of Industrial Accidents. Agency which oversees the Workers' Compensation system in Massachusetts.

Other Web Sources

Employer's Guide to the Massachusetts Workers' Compensation System, Dept. of Industrial Accidents, 2008. Includes: Who must be covered?; The change in the law concerning coverage of corporate officers; What injuries must be reported?; The reporting/claim process - from injury to adjudication; Why employers receive violation notices and how to appeal them; Reducing your Insurance rate /Managing your injuries.

Your Guide to the Massachusetts Workers' Compensation System, Dept. of Industrial Accidents. Covers Where to Start, What if Your Claim is Denied, How Your Benefits Are Determined, When Your Benefits May be Stopped or Reduced, Lump Sum Settlements, Do You Need an Attorney, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Print Sources

Workers' Compensation, 3d ed., Mass. Practice v.29-29A, Thomson West, 2003 with supplement.

Workers' Compensation Practice in Massachusetts, MCLE, loose-leaf.