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Massachusetts Law About Veterinary Practice

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Regulations

256 CMR: Rules and Regulations Governing Veterinarians

Selected Case Law

Kippenberger v. Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine, 448 Mass. 1035 (2007). "Substantial evidence supports the board's decision that Kippenberger's treatment of each of the dogs failed to meet the acceptable standard of veterinary care. Kippenberger's treatment ranged from performing unnecessary surgery to misdiagnoses to neglect. Kippenberger's assertions in his defense are either unsupported by the record or insubstantial. Even if, for example, the board incorrectly stated that Kippenberger had failed to offer any defense of his care for one of the dogs, substantial evidence still supports the final assessment that Kippenberger's care of that dog was substandard."

Fitzgerald v. Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine, 399 Mass. 901(1987). "In proceedings before a hearing officer arising out of a matter referred to her by the Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine concerning a veterinarian's alleged improper treatment of an injured dog, the hearing officer, in construing and applying the terms "malpractice," "gross misconduct," and "conduct reflecting unfavorably on the profession of veterinary medicine," as those terms are used in G. L. c. 112, Sections 59 and 61, correctly looked to the general standards of ethics and practice which are adhered to in the profession of veterinary medicine."

Other Web Sources

Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine. Find out about fees and licensing renewals. Also has an FAQ about the Board.

Check a Veterinarians' License

File a Complaint against a Licensed Veterinarian.

Print Sources

AmJur Pleading and Practice Forms-Vol. 24B-Veterinarians Sections 1-32.

AmJur Proof of Facts 3d, Vol. 90-Sec. 1: Veterinary Malpractice Actions.

ALR4th Vol. 71 p. 811-Veterinarian's Liability for Malpractice.

"The Future of Veterinary Malpractice Liability in the Care of Companion Animals, by Christopher Green, 10 Animal L. 162 (2004). Also available online to library card holders through Hein Online.