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Massachusetts Law About Shopping and Returns

Laws and Regulations by Topic


Cooling Off Periods

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards


Item Pricing

Rain Checks



Unsolicited Merchandise


Other Web Sources

Attorney General's Guide to Retail Rights, Mass. Attorney General, June 2007. 20-page guide summarizes laws on advertising, warranties, returns, lay away, gift certificates, mail order and more, but unlike the previous version of the pamphlet, this one provides no citations to the laws themselves.

Consumer Advice for Holiday Shopping Season, Mass. Attorney General, November 2010. Includes information on what happens to gift cards when the merchant goes out of business and more.

Gift Cards and Certificates, Mass. Attorney General. Summary of gift certificate law, including expiration dates, fees and more.

Massachusetts Blue Laws, Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development. Includes links to the the laws themselves, as well as an overview, which explains the rules for opening on Sundays and holidays.

Shopping Rights, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. Includes Massachusetts Consumers Guide to Shopping Rights, Basic Guide to the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law, Gift Certificate Law, Online Auctions, Product Recalls, and Buying Advice.