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Massachusetts Law About Prevailing Wage

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Prevailing Wage Forms

Other Web Sources

Frequently Asked Questions About the Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Laws, Foundation for Fair Contracting of Massachusetts.

Prevailing Wage Program, Mass. Division of Occupational Safety. "The Division of Occupational Safety issues prevailing wage schedules to cities, towns, counties, districts, authorities, and agencies of the commonwealth for construction projects and several other types of public work. These prevailing wage schedules contain hourly wage rates that workers must receive when working on a public project."

Topical Outline of Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law, Mass. Division of Occupational Safety, March 2011. This 55-page guide presents the "appropriate occupational classification for various tasks performed on a work site."

Print Sources

Labor and Employment in Massachusetts, Lexis, loose-leaf.

Wages and Hours: Law and Practice, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf.