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Massachusetts Law About Mortgage Brokers and Lenders

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Regulations

Other Web Sources

The American Dream Shattered: The Dream of Homeownership and the Reality of Predatory Lending: A report on comments and hearings and the new consumer protection regulations governing mortgage lenders and brokers, Mass. Attorney General, 2007.

Guidance with Respect to 940 CMR 8.00 et. seq. (as amended), a 12-page explanation from the Attorney General.

Making Home Affordable, US Treasury Dept. Explains eligibility for federal programs for refinancing and modification of mortgages, including a self-assessment tool.

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, Conference of State Bank Supervisors. "The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) is a web-based system that will allow state licensed mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, and loan officers to apply for, amend, update or renew a license online for all participating state agencies using a single set of uniform applications."

Report of the Mortgage Summit Working Groups: Recommended Solutions to Prevent Foreclosures and to Ensure Massachusetts Consumers Maintain the Dream of Homeownership, April, 2007, Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks. "This report summarizes the recommendations of the Working Groups and is intended to be used help address the rising number of subprime and nontraditional mortgage loans, growing evidence of mortgage fraud, and the subsequent rise in foreclosures in Massachusetts."

Print Sources

The Fallout from the Subprime Lending Crisis, Suffolk University Law School Center for Advanced Legal Studies, 2008.

First Focus, the Subprime Crisis: a Thomson West Report: Perspectives and Legal Insights on the Subprime Lending Crisis, Thomson/West, 2008.

Lender Liability, Juris Publ., 2009.

Lender Liability Law and Litigation, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf.

Stop Predatory Lending: a Guide for Legal Advocates, National Consumer Law Center, 2007.