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Massachusetts Law About American Indians

Massachusetts Laws

Federal Laws

Federal Regulations

Selected Massachusetts Cases

Adoption of Arnold, 50 Mass. App. Ct. 743 (2000). Termination of parental rights under the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Commonwealth v. Maxim, 45 Mass. App. Ct. 49 (1998) and 429 Mass. 287 (1999). Fishing Rights.

Tribal Court

Other Web Sources

American Indian Law Guide, Suffolk University Law Library. Great source for links to key sources of information, including: major web sites, tribes, Mass. cases and statutes, federal laws and law review articles.

Handbook of Federal Indian Law, by Felix S. Cohen, 1945 ed. This edition of the book appears to have been scanned and is available online. See Print Sources below for the current edition.

Legislature votes to repeal 1675 Hub ban on Indians,, May 20, 2005. "The Legislature yesterday voted to repeal a 330-year-old law banning Native Americans from entering Boston, removing a potential obstacle cited by a group of minority journalists reluctant to consider holding a convention here."

Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs. "The fundamental role of MCIA is to assist Native American individuals, tribes and organizations in their relationship with state and local government agencies and to advise the Commonwealth in matters pertaining to Native Americans."

WWW Virtual Library - American Indians: Index of Native American Legal Resources on the Internet. A collection of links to over 50 sources of information on legal issues affecting North American Indians, including Canadian and Latin American sources.

Print Sources

Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law, 2012, LexisNexis. This is an updated and revised edition of what has been referred to as the "bible" of federal Indian law.