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Massachusetts Law About Gambling and Casinos

Massachusetts Laws

MGL c.23K. Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Will permit three casinos and one slots-only casino in the state.

Charitable Gaming Laws of Massachusetts, Gambling Law Massachusetts General Laws related to bingo, raffles, and other charitable gaming, all collected in one convenient list.

Massachusetts Laws & Regulations for Raffles and Other Gaming Activity Mass. Attorney General's list of specific laws and regulations, including those pertaining to public charities and charitable organizations holding raffles or bazaars. Does not include MGL c.23K.

Massachusetts Regulations

205 CMR Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Federal Laws

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, 31 USC s.5361-5366. This law prohibits companies from accepting money for Internet gambling, if the gambling is illegal under existing federal or state laws. It does not address gambling directly, but rather the transfer of funds from credit cards and bank accounts to online casinos.

Selected Case Law

Abdow v. Attorney General, 468 Mass. 478 (2014). Question regarding casinos in Massachusetts can appear on the ballot. "[V]oters of Massachusetts may choose to abolish such forms of gambling and such wagering on such races, and doing so would not constitute a taking of property without compensation from those licensed to engage in such operations.."

Connecticut National Bank of Hartford v. Richard Kommit, 31 Mass.App.Ct. 348 (1991). An often-cited case that discusses the collection of a credit card debt for a cash advance by a Massachusetts resident to be used for gambling in Atlantic City, under a credit card contract generally governed by Connecticut law.

United States - Measures Affecting the Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services, World Trade Organization, Report of the Appellate Body, AB-2005-1, April 2005. This is a complicated decision involving U.S. regulation of international gambling, particularly in Antigua and Barbuda. In part, it effectively allows specific states--Louisiana, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Utah--to prohibit gambling.

Other Web Sources

Attorney General's Advisory on Poker Tournaments, Mass. Attorney General, June 2005. "The rising popularity of games such as Texas Hold'em and other forms of poker has led to an increase in poker tournaments, many of them organized by charities for fundraising purposes. For those who wish to hold such tournaments, this Advisory is intended as a guide to help distinguish between poker tournaments that are illegal and subject to prosecution in Massachusetts, and those that are legal."

Attorney General's FAQs about Nonprofit Gaming Events, An informative FAQ for charities and nonprofits interested in conducting a gaming event.

Attorney General's Guidance on Raffles, Mass. Attorney General's site provides information from Obtaining the Permit to Activities After the Raffle.

Gambling: Online Sources, Mass. State Library. Great annotated list of links to information on gambling. Also includes suggested print sources.

Guide to Taxes: Gambling and Lottery Winnings, Mass. Department of Revenue. Explains how to report gambling and lottery winnings.

Massachusetts Gaming Commission. "The mission of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is to create a fair, open and transparent process for implementing the expanded gaming law passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor in November, 2011."

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006: Overview, FDIC. Provides detailed summary of the law. "This document provides an overview of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006... and sets forth procedures for reviewing compliance by financial institutions."