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Massachusetts Law About Children's Health Care

Massachusetts Laws

Court Rules

Superior Court Standing Order 5-81: Uniform Procedures Regarding Petitions for Abortion Authorization Under GL c.112, s.12S.

Selected Case Law

Comm. v. Twitchell, 416 Mass. 114 (1993). "The parents of a seriously ill two and one-half year old child had a common law duty to seek medical treatment for their child, the violation of which, if their conduct was wanton or reckless, could support a conviction of involuntary manslaughter in the child's death, and the spiritual healing provisions of G. L. c. 273, ยง 1, a statute concerning child support and care, and not apply to foreclose the parents' prosecution for involuntary manslaughter."

Other Web Sources

Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI), Children's Law Center. "an effort by MassHealth to provide more community-based behavioral health or mental health services to youth under the age of 21 with MassHealth and who meet certain criteria. Sometimes these services are also called "Rosie D." services." Explains eligibility and more.

Concussion Information, MIAA. Includes information for schools, coaches and parents on the concussion law and concussion policies.

Consent to Medical Treatment by Minors in Massachusetts, Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project. Outlines the consent laws for minors seeking medical treatment under a variety of circumstances.

Parents' How-To Guide on Children's Mental Health Services in Massachusetts, 3d ed., 2011. Boston Bar Association. Includes steps for getting help, paying for services, services in your child's school, and more.

Responding to Scenes Involving Minors Refusing Treatment or Transport, Office of Emergency Medical Services 1/18/05. Provides guidance to emergency medical personnel on how to respond to minors refusing treatment in accordance with Mass. law.

Students with Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate Orders, Mass. Dept. of Education, November 30, 2004. "In response to requests from several Massachusetts school districts, the following guidelines for the care of students with Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate Orders were developed in consultation with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) Office of Emergency Medicine and the MDPH Legal Office. We hope these guidelines will assist you."

Print Sources

Child Welfare Practice in Massachusetts, MCLE, loose-leaf, chapter 21: Medical and Mental Health Treatment for Children in DSS Custody.

Handbook on the Legal Rights of Minors, Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee, 2001.

Health for Teens in Care: A Judge's Guide, by Karen Aileen Howze, ABA, 2002.

Protecting Children in a Changing World: Advocacy Strategies for Children's Rights, by Susan F. Cole, MCLE, 2003.