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Massachusetts Law About Bicycles

Best Bet

Laws for Bicyclists and Motorists in the Presence of Bicycles: Rules of the Road, Chapter 4, pp. 102-104, Registry of Motor Vehicles. Detailed summary of bicycle laws, with cites to laws.

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Regulations

720 CMR 9 Driving on State Highways. Includes provisions that apply to bicycles, such as yielding to pedestrians, and limitations on bicycle operation on certain roads

Other Web Sources

Bikes and the T, MBTA. Explains when and how you can bring your bike on the subway, commuter rail or bus.

Boston Bicycle Plan, 2000-2010, City of Boston. "The goal of the committee is to bring together bicyclists, neighborhood residents, advocacy groups and public agencies to encourage and promote safe bicycling, thereby enhancing the Boston business community, its neighborhoods and the environment."

Same Roads. Same Rules. Includes: Tips for Motorists: Learn how to safely interact with bicyclists; Tips for Bicyclists: Learn the rules of the road and how to stay safe; and Myths vs. Reality: Why some people do the things they do, and why it might not be the best idea.

Print Sources

Motor Vehicle Law and Practice, 4th ed. (Mass. Practice v.11), West, 2008 with supplement. Section 11.11: Bicycles.

Municipal Law and Practice, 5th ed.(Mass. Practice, v.18A), West, 2006 with supplement. Section 16.17: Bicycles

Consumer Law, 3d ed. (Mass. Practice v.35), West, 2010. Section 7:111: Recreational equipment--Bicycles.