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Massachusetts Superior Court Rule 33:
Trial and Hearing Lists


The fact that interrogatories have not been answered or that a commission to take a deposition has not been returned or that a motion remains unheard, shall not prevent the placing of a case upon a trial or hearing list or upon any pretrial or short list, and shall not delay the trial or hearing, except by special order of the court.

Causing a case to be placed upon a list for trial or hearing in accordance with Rule 35 shall be a representation that the party and counsel intend an actual trial or hearing and expect to be ready therefor when reached.

Assigned cases not reached at the times for which they are assigned shall have precedence over other cases on the list in the order in which such assigned cases would have been tried or heard if they had been reached in accordance with the assignments, unless the court shall otherwise order.

(Applicable to civil actions pending on June 30, 1988)

As amended July 21, 1988, effective October 3, 1988