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Massachusetts Superior Court Standing Order 1-06: Continuances of Trial

(Applicable to Civil Cases in All Counties)


The following procedure shall apply to requests for continuances of trial.

1. No trial continuance shall be granted without the specific approval of the Justice in the session in which the case is pending or, in the event the session Justice is not available, of the Regional Administrative Justice (or designee thereof) in the County in which the case is pending.

2. Any request for a trial continuance shall be in the form of a written motion, with notice to all parties.

3. A motion for a trial continuance shall:

a. identify the party or parties seeking the continuance, and state, if known, whether there is any opposition;

b. state the grounds for the requested continuance; and

c. state whether continuances have been sought previously by any party, and, if so, the number of times and the reasons therefor.

4. If the grounds for the requested trial continuance include any ground identified in Rule 4 of the Rules of the Superior Court, the motion shall comply with that rule.

Adopted November 18, 2005, effective January 3, 2006.