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Committee on Professional Responsibility for Clerks Rule 3: Organization of Committee


A. A Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected annually by the members of the Committee.

B. Meetings of the Committee shall be held upon the call of the Chairman or the written request of at least two members of the Committee. Meetings shall not be held on less than two days' notice; but this requirement may be waived by consent of all the members. The Chairman shall preside at meetings of the Committee, and the Vice Chairman shall act in the absence or disqualification of the Chairman. In the absence or disqualification of both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, the members shall select one among them as acting Chairman.

C. A quorum of the Committee shall consist of three members, including at least one member who is a clerk and one member who is not a clerk. An affirmative vote of at least three members of the Committee is required to dismiss, informally adjust, or otherwise dispose of a complaint; to issue formal charges against a clerk; or to make recommendations to the Supreme Judicial Court regarding disciplinary action. A meeting may be held and a vote may be taken by telephone unless any member objects.