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Massachusetts Executive Orders


Executive Orders by Subject

Massachusetts Executive Orders Index

Executive Orders by Number

Executive Orders by Number
EO Numbers Dates Governors
1-99 (First Series) 1941-1949 Saltonstall, Tobin, Bradford
1-49 1950-1966 Dever, Herter, Furcolo, Volpe, Peabody
50-99 1966-1973 Volpe, Sargent
100-149 1973-1978 Sargent, Dukakis
150-199 1978-1981 Dukakis, King
200-249 1981-1985 King, Dukakis
250-299 1985-1991 Dukakis, Weld
300-349 1991-1993 Weld
350-399 1993-1997 Weld, Cellucci
400-449 1997-2003 Cellucci, Swift, Romney
450-499 2003-2008 Romney, Patrick
500-date 2008- Patrick

For more information on Executive Orders, see the State Library's explanation and Legislative Research Council Report Relative to Gubernatorial Executive Orders (House Report No. 6557, 1981). The Governor's Office is the official source for Executive Orders. Please contact them directly with questions about the validity of any order. See also, Federal Executive Orders.