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Massachusetts Executive Orders Index: E



Executive Order Index E
Subject EO Number
Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway Co.
Economic Advisors
Economic Assistance Coordinating Council 2 EO 367
Economic development. See Also, Rural development
Economic Development Programs, Advisory Commission on the Coordination of 2 EO 327
Economic Growth and Technology, Governor's Council
Economic impact 2 EO 87
Economic opportunity, See Social and economic opportunity  
Economic revitalization
Education. See Also, Adult education; Colleges and universities; Higher Education Nominating Council; Schools; Technical and vocational education; Tuition remission
Education policy 2 EO 434
Education, post-secondary
Education reform
Educational benefits 2 EO 19
Educational Management Accountability Board 2 EO 393
Educational services, Organization of 2 EO 83
Efficiency in State Government 2 EO 517
Efficient buildings, Clean energy and 2 EO 484
Elderly Affairs, Governor's Special Planning Commission on 2 EO 71
Electricity 2 EO 179
Emergency assistance and shelter
Emergency Communications Commission 2 EO 53
Emergency Controls, Office of
Emergency management
Emergency medical services
Emergency Response Commission 2 EO 276
Eminent domain, See Land taking  
Employees' Charitable Campaign (COMECC)
Employee misclassification, Joint enforcement taskforce on 2 EO 499
Employee Safety and Health Advisory Committee 2 EO 511
Employment information, disclosure of
Employment of minors
Employment of military personnel 2 EO 302
Employment opportunities for recipients of public assistance 2 EO 213
Employment security, See Division of Employment Security  
Employment training and education
Empowerment Zones 2 EO 367
Energy Conservation Bonds 2 EO 516
Energy shortage - gasoline distribution
Enterprise Communities 2 EO 367
Environmental Management Commission of the Mass. Military Reservation 2 EO 433
Environmental protection 2 EO 385
Environmental purchasing policy 2 EO 515
Equal employment opportunity
Equal opportunity
Ethnic heritage 2 EO 104
Executive Branch - reduction in size 2 EO 290
Executive Branch Strategic Planning 2 EO 540
Executive Office of Communities and Development 2 EO 153
Executive orders - definitions and rules of construction
Executive orders - revoking misc. earlier orders 2 EO 383
Explosive material