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830 CMR: Department of Revenue

830 CMR by Citation
Citation Title
830 CMR 14.3.1 Volunteer Personnel
830 CMR 18.18A.1 Cooperation by Applicants for and Recipients of Public Assistance with Efforts by the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue to Establish Parentage and Establish, Modify and Enforce Child Support Orders
830 CMR 40S.1.1 Smart Growth School Cost Reimbursement
830 CMR 58.2.1 Manufacturing Corporations
830 CMR 58.3.1 Qualifications of Assessors
830 CMR 59.5.1 Property Tax Exemption of Athletic Property of Charitable Organizations
830 CMR 62.3.1 Rent Deduction
830 CMR 62.3.2 Deduction for Charitable Contributions
830 CMR 62.5A.1 Non-Resident Income Tax
830 CMR 62.5A.2 Compensation Received by Non-Resident Professional Team Athletes
830 CMR 62.6.1 Residential Energy Credit
830 CMR 62.6.3 Lead Paint Removal Credit
830 CMR 62.6.4 Conservation Land Tax Credit
830 CMR 62.6M.1 Community Investment Tax Credit
830 CMR 62.8.2 Corporate Trust Income and Distributions
830 CMR 62.10.1 Income Tax on Trusts and Estates
830 CMR 62.17A.1 Massachusetts Taxation of S Corporations and their Shareholders
830 CMR 62.17A.2 Restatement of Massachusetts Taxation of S Corporations and their Shareholders
830 CMR 62.63.1 Installment Transactions
830 CMR 62B.2.1 Withholding of Taxes on Wages and Other Payments
830 CMR 62B.2.2 Pass-through Entity Withholding
830 CMR 62B.2.3 Motion Picture Production Company Withholding
830 CMR 62C.3.1 Department of Revenue Public Written Statements
830 CMR 62C.3.2 Letter Rulings
830 CMR 62C.3.3 Renumbering of All Department of Revenue Regulations
830 CMR 62C.4.1 Use of Whole Dollar Method
830 CMR 62C.16.1 Room Occupancy Excise Returns and Payments
830 CMR 62C.16.2 Sales and Use Tax Returns
830 CMR 62C.19.1 Extentions of Time for Filing Returns
830 CMR 62C.21.1 Confidentiality of Tax Information
830 CMR 62C.22.1 Exchange of Information with Other Taxing Authorities
830 CMR 62C.25.1 Record Retention
830 CMR 62C.26.1 Assessments
830 CMR 62C.30.1 Changes in Federal Taxable Income, Federal Tax Credits
830 CMR 62C.30A.1 Changes in Tax Due to any other United States or Canadian Jurisdiction
830 CMR 62C.31A.1 Responsible Persons
830 CMR 62C.33.1 Interest, Penalties and Application of Payments
830 CMR 62C.37.1 Abatements
830 CMR 62C.37A.1 Settlement of Tax Liabilities
830 CMR 62C.47A.1 List of Licenses and Providers
830 CMR 62C.47A.2 Delinquent Licensees and Providers
830 CMR 62C.50.1 Lien on Property
830 CMR 62C.55A.1 Determination of Amount Exempt from Levy
830 CMR 62C.64.1 Release of Levy
830 CMR 62C.66.1 Bond Requirement for Transient Vendors
830 CMR 62C.67.1 Display of Certificates of Registration
830 CMR 62C.78.1 Massachusetts Electronic Funds Transfer Program
830 CMR 62C.84.1 Spousal Relief from Joint Income Tax Liability
830 CMR 62E.2.1 Reporting of New Hires
830 CMR 62E.2.2 Repealed 1/8/2010
830 CMR 62E.2.3 Repealed 1/8/2010
830 CMR 62F.6.1 Credit Allowed When Net State Tax Revenues Exceed Allowable State Tax Revenues
830 CMR 63.29.1 Credits for Insurance Companies
830 CMR 63.30.1 Liabilities in Determining the Net Worth of Intangible Property Corporations
830 CMR 63.31N.1 Massachusetts Property Basis Adjustments
830 CMR 63.30.2 Net Operating Loss Deductions and Carryover
830 CMR 63.32B.1 Combined Returns of Income
830 CMR 63.32B.2 Combined Reporting
830 CMR 63.38.1 Allocation and Apportionment of Income of Domestic and Foreign Corporations
830 CMR 63.38.2 Apportionment of Income of Airline Corporations
830 CMR 63.38.3 Apportionment of Income of Motor Carriers
830 CMR 63.38.4 Apportionment of Income of Courier and Package Delivery Services
830 CMR 63.38.7 Apportionment of Income of Mutual Fund Service Corporations
830 CMR 63.38.8 Apportionment of Income of Pipeline Companies
830 CMR 63.38.10 Apportionment of Income of Electric Industry
830 CMR 63.38.11 Apportionment of Income of Telecommunications Industry
830 CMR 63.38G.2 Foreign Sales Corporations and Interest Charge DISCs
830 CMR 63.38M.1 Mass. Research Credit
830 CMR 63.38N.1 Economic Opportunity Area
830 CMR 63.38R.1 Mass. Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
830 CMR 63.38T.1 Taxation of Unrelated Business Income of Exempt Organizations
830 CMR 63.39.1 Corporate Nexus
830 CMR 63.42.1 Method of Apportionment
830 CMR 63B.2.2 Payment of Estimated Corporate Excise for Taxable Years Ending on or After December 31, 1989
830 CMR 64C.14.1 Fair Pricing of Cigarettes
830 CMR 64C.34.1 Penalty for Possession or Transportation of Unstamped Cigarettes
830 CMR 64F.6.1 Fuel and Special Fuel Acquired Outside MA, Payment of Tax
830 CMR 64G.1.1 Establishments Subject to the Room Occupancy Excise
830 CMR 64G.3A.1 Local Option Room Occupancy Excise
830 CMR 64H Sales and Use Tax
830 CMR 64J.4.1 General Application of the Aircraft (Jet) Fuel Tax
830 CMR 65C.1.1 Administrative Provisions for Massachusetts
830 CMR 65C.2.1 Massachusetts Gross Estate
830 CMR 94.323.1 Collection of Amounts Deemed to Constitute Abandoned Deposit Amounts
830 CMR 94E Provisions Concerning Certain Tobacco Manufacturers
830 CMR 111M.00 Individual Health Coverage
830 CMR 118.1 Full Employment Program Credit
830 CMR 119A Child Support Enforcement
830 CMR 175.24D.1.1 Intercept of Insurance Payments to Satisfy Child Support Liens
830 CMR 176I.1.1 Taxation of Insurers of Preferred Provider Arrangements
830 CMR 270.1.1 Issuance of a Smoking Bar Permit