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211 CMR: Division of Insurance

211 CMR by Citation
Citation Title
211 CMR 3 Motorcycle Insurance
211 CMR 7 Massachusetts Insurance Holding Co.
211 CMR 8 Investments of Officers, Directors, and Principal Stockholders of Domestic Stock Insurance Companies
211 CMR 10 Nation-Wide Marine Definitions
211 CMR 11 Insurance on Outboard Motors and Motor Boats -- Ocean Marine or Inland Marine
211 CMR 13 Proxies, Consents and Authorizations of Domestic Stock Insurers
211 CMR 15 Statistical Plans
211 CMR 16 Petition for the Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Regulations
211 CMR 20 Risk-Based Capital (RBC) for Insurers
211 CMR 23 Audits of Insurers by Independent Certified Public Accountants for Years Ending 1991 and After
211 CMR 24 Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships; Minimum Amount of Liability Insurance
211 CMR 25 Risk-Based Capital (RBC) for Health Organizations
211 CMR 26 Annual Financial Reporting for Years Ending 2010 and After
211 CMR 27 Military Sales Practices
211 CMR 28 Life Insurance Illustrations
211 CMR 29 Valuation of Life Insurance Policies
211 CMR 30 Reinsurance of Property and Casualty Risks by Life Insurers
211 CMR 31 Life Insurance Solicitation
211 CMR 32 Use of Gender-Blended and Smoker/Nonsmoker Mortality Tables
211 CMR 34 The Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuities
211 CMR 36 The Use of AIDS-Related Information for Life and Health Insurance and Informed Consent
211 CMR 37 Infertility Benefits
211 CMR 38 Coordination of Benefits (COB)
211 CMR 39 Annuity Mortality Tables for Use in Determining Reserve Liabilities for Annuities
211 CMR 40 Marketing of Insured Health Plans
211 CMR 41 Nongroup Health Insurance Rate and Policy Form Filings, Review, and Hearing Procedures under M.G.L. c.176M
211 CMR 42 The Form and Contents of Individual Accident and Sickness Insurance
211 CMR 43 Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
211 CMR 44 Confidentiality of Bids Submitted for Restricted Pharmacy Network Contracts to Facilitate the Implementation of M.G.L. c.176D, 3B
211 CMR 45 Establishment of Service Fee to Agents and Brokers Assisting Employers in Obtaining Workmen's Compensation
211 CMR 50 Continuing Education for Agents and Brokers
211 CMR 51 Preferred Provider Health Plans and Workers' Compensation Preferred Provider Arrangements
211 CMR 52 Managed Care Consumer Protections and Accreditation of Carriers
211 CMR 54 Procedure for Surrender and Non-Renewal of Licenses by Insurers Authorized to Write Motor Vehicle Insurance
211 CMR 55 Disclosure Requirements for Life Insurance Policies with Accelerated Benefit Provisions and Annuity Contracts
211 CMR 56 Reductions in Premium Charges for Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Insurance for Insured Electing Optional Participating Repair Shop Endorsement Plans
211 CMR 57 Recognition of the 2001 CSO Mortality Table for Use in Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities and Non-Forfeiture Benefits
211 CMR 58 Permitting the Recognition of Preferred Mortality Tables for Use in Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities
211 CMR 63 Young Adult Health Benefit Plans
211 CMR 64 Definitions of Medical Insurance for M.G.L. c.118E, sec. 9C
211 CMR 65 Long-Term Care Insurance
211 CMR 66 Small Group Health Insurance
211 CMR 67 Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Groups
211 CMR 70 Memorandum of Order Relative to the Establishment of a Statistical Plan (Massachusetts Automobile Statistical Plan)
211 CMR 71 Medicare Supplement Insurance and Evidences of Coverage Issued Pursuant to a Risk or Cost Contract - To Facilitate the Implementation of M.G.L. c.176K and Section 1882 of the Federal Social Security Act
211 CMR 74 Standard of Fault Used by the Board of Appeal on Motor Vehicle Liability Policies and Bonds and Insurers
211 CMR 75 Reporting the Theft of a Motor Vehicle
211 CMR 77 Procedures for the Conduct of Proceedings on Fixed and Established Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates
211 CMR 78 Reserved
211 CMR 79 Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates
211 CMR 85 Repealed 2/6/2009
211 CMR 86 Repealed 10/17/08
211 CMR 88 Procedures for the Appeal of Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) Motor Vehicle Accident Surcharges and for Conduct of SDIP Motor Vehicle Accident Surcharge Hearings
211 CMR 90 Legal Services Plans
211 CMR 91 Motor Vehicle Insurance Rates
211 CMR 92 Safe Driver Insurance Plan
211 CMR 93 Repealed 10/17/08
211 CMR 94 Mandatory Pre-Insurance Inspection of Private Passenger Motor Vehicles
211 CMR 95 Variable Life Insurance
211 CMR 96 Consumer Protection in Annuity Transactions
211 CMR 97 Procedures for Cancellation and Non-Renewal of Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies
211 CMR 101 Procedures Concerning Rate Filings Made Pursuant to MGL c.175C and the Conduct of Hearings on Such Filings
211 CMR 110 Procedures Concerning Rate Filings and the Conduct of Hearings for Workers' Compensation Insurance
211 CMR 111 Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements Applicable to Employee Leasing Companies and their Client Companies
211 CMR 113 Requirements Regarding Workers' Compensation Insurance Deductibles
211 CMR 115 Requirements Applicable to Workers' Compensation Deductible Policies
211 CMR 121 Procedures Concerning Filings of Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies and Evidences of Coverage Issued Pursuant to a Cost Contract, Rates Thereof, and the Conduct of Hearings Relating Thereto
211 CMR 123 Direct Payment of Motor Vehicle Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Claims and Referral Repair Shop Programs
211 CMR 124 Repealed 10/17/08
211 CMR 129 Life and Health Reinsurance Agreements
211 CMR 130 Credit for Reinsurance
211 CMR 131 Requirements Applicable to Insurance on Liability for Injury from Exposure to Dangerous Levels of Lead in Dwelling Units
211 CMR 132 Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulation
211 CMR 133 Standards for the Repair of Damaged Motor Vehicles
211 CMR 134 Safe Driver Insurance Plan
211 CMR 135 Requirements Regarding Referrals to Motor Vehicle Glass Repair Shops
211 CMR 140 Procedures Concerning the Merger or Consolidation of Insurance Companies
211 CMR 142 Bank Insurance Sales
211 CMR 143 Credit Insurance Disclosure Requirements
211 CMR 144 Procedures for the Regulatory Review of and Public Hearings on Plans of Reorganization or Conversion Pursuant to M.G.L. c.175 secs. 19F-19W
211 CMR 146 Specified Disease Insurance
211 CMR 147 Methodology for Calculating and Reporting Medical Lass Ratios (MLRs) of Health Benefit Plans
211 CMR 148 Registration and Reporting Requirements for Third-Party Administrators
211 CMR 149 Annual Comprehensive Financial Statements Pursuant to M.G.L. c.176O, ยง 21
211 CMR 150 Standards and Commissioner's Authority for Placing Companies Deemed to be in Hazardous Financial Condition Under Administrative Supervision
211 CMR 151 Certified Group Purchasing Cooperatives
211 CMR 152 Health Benefit Plans using Limited, Regional or Tiered Provider Networks
211 CMR 153 Continuity of Care Access to Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Pediatric Hospitals, and Pediatric Specialty Units for Small Group Health Benefit Plans that Utilize Limited, Regional or Tiered Provider Networks
211 CMR 154 Enforcement of Mental Health Parity
211 CMR 155 Risk-bearing Provider Organizations