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105 CMR 120: Radiation Control Program


105 CMR 120
Citations Titles
105 CMR 120.001-120.198 General Provisions, Enforcement, Registration Of Radiation Machine Facilities And Services, Licensing Of Radioactive Material
105 CMR 120.200-120.299 Standards For Protection Against Radiation, Radiation Dose Limits, Surveys And Monitoring, Radiological Criteria For License Termination, Records, Reports
105 CMR 120.300-120.440 Radiation Safety Requirements For Industrial Radiographic Operations, Radiation Safety Requirements, Recordkeeping Requirements, X-Rays In The Healing Arts, Therapeutic Radiation Machines In The Healing Arts
105 CMR 120.500-120.594 Use Of Radionuclides In The Healing Arts
105 CMR 120.600-120.795 Radiation Safety Requirements For Analytical X-Ray Equipment, Licensing And Radiation Safety Requirements For Irradiators, Radiation Safety Requirements For Particle Accelerators, Notices, Instructions, And Reports To Workers; Inspections, Transportation Of Radioactive Material
105 CMR 120.800-end Licensing And Operational Requirements For Low-Level Radioactive Waste Facilities, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Minimization Regulations General Provisions, Radiation Safety Requirements For Wireline Service Operations And Subsurface Tracer Studies